When Metal gets Faster, Louder, Harder! …there is only one way to go.

WACKEN OPEN AIR!!! @wackenopenair.official / @hevireissu

Faster, Louder, Harder, they say. Then they say Wacken. = Metal History in writing.

We just had a Location Recce at the Wacken Open Air in Germany, near Hamburg, and Oh Boy what a Recce that was! Thank You Wacken organization for the amazing hospitality, your festival blew our minds. Just check out the photos yourself.

Some people ‘Dream Big’, Making Movies Producers Kai Nordberg & Kaarle Aho and Mutant Koala Pictures Director Writers Jukka Vidgren & Juuso Laatio ‘Make Big’. There is no conversing how Epic Huge Wacken is. The 80,000 tickets for Wacken Open Air 2023 were sold out in 6 hours. 2023 Heavy Trip 2 – Faster, Louder, Harder will be shooting the Feature Film at that Megafestival.

The first Heavy Trip Film travelled the world, won prizes at Film Festivals, and received a Standing Ovation at the Texan South By Southwest -festival. The film -only in Finland, broke the records with close to 1.2M views at YLE TV & YLE Areena. (There are 5.5M people in Finland.) The film is also Big in Japan! #ヘヴィトリップ


To give you a hint on what’s coming up:

So in the first Film the Heavy Metal Band Impaled Rectum (from a small Northern Finnish town) went to Norway to play in a Music Festival -followed by the international police and border guard. This time the band heads only to the Biggest Heavy Metal Festival in the world, Wacken Open Air, in Germany.

As we say: Faster, Louder, Harder!


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