The Fencer wins the Audience Award at the 30th European Union Film Festival in Canada



Golden Globe nominated and Oscar Shortlisted Making Movies production The Fencer (Miekkailija) has been awarded the very first Audience Award ever given at the 30th European Union Film Festival in Ottawa, Canada.

According to the festival coordinators, “The film was screened on Sunday, December 6th to a nearly full-house at the Bytowne Cinema in downtown Ottawa. It was such a successful screening, and many members of the audience could not stop talking about how great the film was even after the end credits had rolled.”

Estonian-Canadian newspaper “Eesti Elu” wrote an article on the festival’s screening:

“After the film, people gathered in small groups to discuss the film and the history of Estonia. Ambassador Kalmet in her opening remarks said that fencing, in its own way, is a metaphor for the period of Soviet occupation – where every one had to hop as well as possible, to avoid being hit and you had to hop between difficult choices – your conscience or your safety.”

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Founded in 1984, the European Union Film Festival is an annual showcase of the best of contemporary cinema produced in the European Union. Over the span of two to three weeks, the Canadian Film Institute brings Ottawa audiences a wide selection of award-winning films from the Festival circuit, never-before-seen in the capital city.