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“Next week, the academy will unveil the nine films still in the running for the Best Foreign-Language Film at the Oscars. Over the last two months a screening committee, divided into groups, has been watching the 81 submissions and rating each from 6 to 10. Those ratings will determine a top six which will make up two-thirds of the shortlist. The other three films will be hand-selected by a 20-member executive committee. The five Oscar nominees will be determined by another committee who will screen the nine semi-finalists in early January.”

Finland has only contended once (“The Man Without a Past” in 2002) but deserves to be back with “The Fencer,” an endearing and hopeful film about an Estonian fencer and newly established sports instructor at a local school set against the backdrop of Eastern European politics during the Second World War. This marks director Klaus Härö’s fourth film to be entered by Finland. An adorable cast of children is led by Estonian actor Märt Avandi who holds you in captivity for the film’s pleasantly short, but efficient runtime.”

“In November we profiled the 10 films we consider likeliest to appeal to the committee. Three of the Golden Globe nominees — “The Club” (Chile); “Mustang” (France) and “Son of Saul” (Hungary) — number among these. Could the other two Globe contenders — “The Brand New Testament” (Belgium) and “The Fencer” (Finland) — make the cut with the academy? After seeing the films this week, that answer should be “yes.””

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