Making Movies has bought the film rights to Mainingin Varjo a second novel from author Paula Nivukoski

The events of the book take place in the early 20th century. The touching story tells of a young woman’s struggle to break free from the shackles of a patriarchal family and society.

“I Saw Mainingin Varjo as a very visual story when I was writing the novel. I have spent nights alone on desert islands, seen the changing shades of the sea, even those that are left between the lines in the novel. It is a tremendous opportunity to see my novel on the big screen as well. For example, a moving image intensifies the description of the environment and brings the story to the skin of its experiencer in a whole new way. I look forward to seeing a visual interpretation of the story, which I have already lived with once.” Paula Nivukoski commented on the future collaboration.

“The story of the novel is an incredibly dramatic and subtle description of every person’s need to live free and decide their own destiny. Change always requires courage and it is represented by the young protagonist of the story” Says Making Movies’ Producer Kai Nordberg.

Paula Nivukoski is an author living in Ostrobothnia region in Finland and the youngest daughter on a farm. Her debut novel Nopeasti Piirretyt Pilvet ( (2019) received praising reviews from both critics and readers. In January 2021, Nivukoski published her first children’s book Onnelliset Aakkoset (Happy Alphabet, which is part of a collaboration with Moomin Characters.

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