“Little Wing” and “The Good Postman” are nominated for Dragon Award at Göteborg Film Festival


Two Making Movies productions are competing for The Dragon Award at Göteborg Film Festival. “Little Wing” (Tyttö nimeltä Varpu) by Selma Vilhunen is part of the Best Nordic Film -category and Tonislav Hristov’s documentary “The Good Postman” is competing at Best Nordic Documentary -category.
Göteborg Film Festival is taking place from 27th of January to 6th of February and it’s one of the biggest film festivals in Northern Europe.

Synopsis – Little Wing
Little Wing tells the story of 12-year-old Varpu (Linnea Skog), who’s quickly growing to adulthood, and about her mother (Paula Vesala), who doesn’t want to grow up. Varpu lives with her mother and has never met her father.
One night Varpu has enough of her riding buddies and her mother. She steals a car and drives up north in search of her father, of whom she only knows the name.

Synopsis – The Good Postman
The Good Postman is a documentary about an almost deserted village on the edge of Europe. The movie tells the stories of the people of Great Derventwho have spent their entire lives on the border between East and the West, Islam and Christianity.

Great Dervent slowly approaches its natural sad end. The total population of the village is about 30 people and average age is over 60 years. The Syrian Crisis temporary “revives” the locals. Great Dervent is the first stop on the path to freedom for thousands of refugees. The foreigners trigger long forgotten emotions in the deserted village for one last time.