“Klaus Härö On ‘The Fencer’, Repping Finland At The Oscars: ‘Humbled Just Being Here'” -Deadline Hollywood


“If you haven’t yet seen The Fencer and it’s possible for you to do so right now, stop reading this and check it out. We’ll wait. The film is a dramatization of the life of Endel Nelis, an Estonian Fencing coach who established a school in the Soviet 1950s that still trains fencers to this day. The film weaves autobiographical details with the facts of life for Estonia during the 50s – Stalinism, Soviet occupation, secret police and the huge number of children whose fathers had died during World War II – for a story that feels, for lack of a better way to put it, 1/3 The Karate Kid, 1/3 Dead Poets Society, and 1/3 Animal Farm. Though filtered through a touching character study of a man struggling to escape his past.”

– Deadline Hollywood, deadline.com

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