HEAVY TRIP (Hevi reissu) world premiere in USA at South by Southwest -festival

Comedy film Heavy Trip (Hevi reissu) by Jukka Vidgren and Juuso Laatio will have it’s world premiere in South by Southwest -festival. The festival is held in march in Austin, Texas and it’s one of the most significant cultural events in the world showcasing new talents in music- and film industry.

Heavy Trip is the most expensive comedy film produced in Finland with the budget of 3 million euros. It’s also the first Finnish comedy film that will be shown in a such valuable festival as South by Southwest. “The film Heavy Trip combines the best export products of Finland – heavy metal-music, beautiful scenery of Lapland and humor.” says Kai Nordberg, producer of the film who is very pleased from the big news.

The film will be released in Finland in 9.3.2018.