A widower falls in love with his home aid. His middle age-aged daughter does not approve the relationship.

Since Howard, 75, retired his job as sea captain, Grace, her daughter, 45, has visited regularly. But Howard is stubborn in his isolation and doesn’t want any help. When Grace hires him domestic help, Annie 70, Howard is first reluctant and hostile.

Grace becomes unhappier. She loses her job as a nurse and her husband is divorcing her. Grace tells Annie the employment will soon end. She has applied for Howard to stay at a home for the elderly. When Howard learns that, he asks Annie to live in his house. They fall in love.

Grace can’t take this. She feels like she’s again losing a father she never had. She wants to win her father back.


Co-funded by the European Union (Creative Europe Media)



My Sailor, My Love


Klaus Härö



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