Little Wing

Tyttö nimeltä Varpu

Little Wing (Tyttö nimeltä Varpu) is a debut feature film by Academy Award® nominated Selma Vilhunen about a child who wants to find her father and be a child.

Varpu is a 12-year-old girl who rides ponies and goes to school. Her mother Siru works as a home care worker and tries desperately to pass her driver’s test. The relationship between her and her daughter is warm and full of humor, but there’s one flaw: Siru doesn’t know how to treat her daughter as a child; instead, she treats Varpu as her equal. Varpu doesn’t get to live the life of a child.

Varpu has never met her father. At the riding stables she feels different because the other girls are from wealthier families and live in another world. One night Varpu gets fed up with her mother complaining about everything and her riding buddies teasing her and feels disappointed in a boy she has a crush on. She steals a car and drives across the country to Oulu, in northern Finland; she remembers her mother mentioning that her father lives there. She finds her father, but he isn’t exactly what she had expected him to be. But the encounter with her father and his surprise arrival in Helsinki triggers something in Varpu and Siru’s life; it helps them realize what their roles in their relationship and in the world are.




Little Wing

Original Title

Tyttö nimeltä Varpu

Production Year





100 min





Linnea Skog

Varpu's mother

Paula Vesala

Varpu's father

Lauri Maijala

Ilmari Hukkanen

Antti Luusuaniemi

Riding Instructor

Outi Mäenpää


Santtu Karvonen


Director & writer

Selma Vilhunen


Tuomo Hutri

Production Design

Sattva-Hanna Toiviainen

Costume Design

Tiina Kaukanen

Key Make-up Artist

Pia Mikkonen


Samu Heikkilä

Sound Design

Tuomas Klaavo


Jori Sjöroos, Paula Vesala


Kai Nordberg, Kaarle Aho


Nordic Council’s Film Prize

Best Actress – Linnea Skog
Jussi Awards
Finland 2017

Best Narrative Feature
RiverRun International Film Festival
USA 2017

Golden Camera Taodue Award
Alice Nella Citta Film Festival
Italy 2016


Toronto International Film Festival, Canada 2016

Scanorama European Film Forum, Lithuania 2016

Northern Film Festival, The Netherlands 2016

Braunschweig International Film Festival, Germany 2016

Una Finestra Sul Nord, Italy 2016

Bosphorus International Film Festival, Turkey 2016

Les Arcs European Film Festival, France 2016

Palm Springs International Film Festival, USA 2017

Göteborg International Film Festival, Sweden 2017

Finnish Film Days, Budapest, Hungary 2017

DFI and Danish Film Archive, Finnish Film Series, Denmark 2016

BUFF, Sweden 2017

Finnish Film Week, Paris, France, 2017

TIFF Kids 04/2017

EU Film Festival in India 2017

Reel Talk LA, USA 2017

Scandinavian Film Festival, LA, USA 2017

Aswan International Women Film Festival, Egypt 2017

Finnish Film Days, Hungary 2017

Santa Barbara International Film Festival, USA 2017

Cleveland International Film Festival, USA 2017

Finnish Film Festival, Russia 2017

Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival, Norway 2017

RiverRun Film Festival, USA 2017

Sguardi Altrove Film Festival, Milano, Italy 2017

Stockholm Feminist Film Festival, Sweden 2017

Wisconsin Film Festival, USA 2017

Kristiansand Children International Film Festival, Norway 2017

Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, USA 2017

New Finnish Films Tyneside, UK 2017

Northern Lights Nordic Film Festival, Belarus 2017

Women+Film Festival Denver, USA 2017

Cinema In Sneakers Film Festival, Poland 2017

Flying Broom Women International Film Festival, Turkey 2017

Liege Festival International du Film Policier de Liège, Belgium 2017

Nordic Film Fest Rome, Italy 2017

Starring Europe LA, USA 2017

Zlin Film Festival, Czech Republic 2017

Oslo Pix, Norway 2017

Tromso Children International Film Festival, Norway 2017

Stony Brook Film Festival, USA 2017

Bridge of Arts Motivational International Film Festival, Rostov-on-Don, Russia 2017

Carl International Film Festival, Sweden 2017

FIFFS, Morocco 2017

Cinemagic IFF, Ireland 2017

Sao Paulo IFF, Brazil 2017

Youth Film Fest Michel, Hamburg, Germany 2017

Arctic Moving Image and Film Festival, Norway 2017

Umeå Film Festival, Sweden 2017

Finnish Consulates Screenings, Canada 2017

International Children’s Festival Vienna, Austria 2017

Ale Kino! Young Audience International Film Festival, Poland 2017

EU Film Festival, Lebanon 2018

European Youth Festival, Belgium 2018

Sehpferdchen, Germany 2018



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