Black Ice is a suspenseful drama about an unlikely relationship between two women. The story takes place in Helsinki and it’s surroundings. The main characters, Saara and Tuuli, are irresistable and unpredictable women of equal strength. Saara is a gynaecologist at the verge of her 40th birthday. She is married to Leo, an architect and a lecturer at the University of Technology.

Saara suspects her husband of having an affair. Tuuli is a 25-year-old student in architecture, her boyfriend is the lecturer, Leo. Everything would be fine, if only Leo could be man enough to sort things out with his “almost ex” -wife.




Black Ice

Original Title

Musta jää

Production Year



Drama, thriller


99 mins


Finnish, English



Outi Mäenpää


Riia Kataja


Martti Suosalo


Ville Virtanen


Sara Paavolainen


Director & writer

Petri Kotwica


Harri Räty

Production Design

Sattva-Hanna Toiviainen

Costume Design

Pirita Niva


Jukka Nykänen

Sound Design

Christian Riegel


Eicca Toppinen


Kaarle Aho, Kai Nordberg


Steffen Reuter, Patrick Knippel, Leander Carell


Best Picture, Best Director,
Best original Script, Best Editing,
Best Female actress, Best Music/Score
Jussi Awards 2008

Best Actress
Ria Kataja and Outi Mäenpää
24th Festroia, Portugal 2008


IN COMPETITION 58th International Film Festival, Berlinale, Germany 2008

XXVI Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay, Montevideo 2008

Cannes International Film Festival, France 2008

24th Festroia, Portugal, 2008

Midnight Sun Film Festival, Sodankylä, Finland 2008

Moscow International Film Festival, Russia 2008

Brussels European Film Festival, Belgium 2008

Palic IFF, Serbia, 19.–25.7.2008, IN COMPETITION

Jerusalem International Film Festival, Israel 2008

Motovun Film Festival, Croatia 2008

The Norwegian International Film Festival, Haugesund, Norway 2008

New Nordic Films, Haugesund, Norway 2008

Espoo Ciné International Film Festival, Finland 2008

9th Calgary International Film Festival, Canada 2008

24th Warsaw International Film Festival, Poland 2008

Hamptons International Film Festival, East Hampton, NY, USA 2008

Canberra International Film Festival, Australia 2008

Nordische Filmtage Lübeck, Germany 2008

Sevilla International Film Festival, Spain 2008

Leeds International Film Festival, UK 2008

Taipei Golden Horse TIFF, Taiwan 2008

Kolkata Film Festival, India 2008

Scanorama, Vilnius, Lithuania 2008

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia 2008

Euro Film Festival MUCES Segovia FF, Spain 2008

15th Osaka European Film Festival, Japan 2008

Goa International Film Festival of India 2008

International Film Festival Bratislava, Slovakia 2008

Finnish Film Week in St. Petersburg, Russia 2008

International Film Festival Bratislava, Slovakia 2008

Plus Camerimage, Lodz, Poland 2008

Finnish Film Week in Petroskoi, Russia 2008

Finnish Film Week, Kinop Muranow, Poland 2008

Pune International Film Festival, India 2009

Finnish Film Week in Moscow, Russia 2009

Hong Kong International Film Festival, 2009

Cinema ZED, in Leuven, Belgium 2009

Mosaico Film Fest, Ravenna, Italy 2009

Newport Beach Film Festival, USA 2009

Skandinavische Filmtage Bonn, Germany 2009

EuroCine 27, Brussels, Belgium 2009

Finnish Days, Cinamon Cinema, Tartu, Estonia 2009

Tokyo EU Film Festival, Japan 2009

The American-Scandinavian Foundation Recent Film Series, NY, USA 2009

15th Film and Art Festival “Film Summer”, Poland 2009

The Seattle Nordic Light´s Film Festival, USA 2009

EU Film Festival, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Canada 2009

Minneapolis’ Twin Cities Nordic Lights Film Fest, USA 2009



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