A DECENT FACTORY is a documentary film about globalisation using Nokia as the subject. In our global economy Western companies are more and more moving their production to countries where costs are lower. This is causing cultural and moral dilemmas, because in these countries the working conditions, workers’ rights and environmental issues are often in conflict with the practices of Western countries. At the same time international investment funds are looking much closer at the ethical side of businesses.

The film constitutes a subtle, classic documentary drama, between two European women and a European male manager, who have all been thrown into the middle of a foreign culture due to the global economy.



A Decent Factory

Production Year





79 min



Thomas Balmès


Thomas Balmès


Thomas Balmès


Catherine Gouze


Mervi Junkkonen/Pirkko Tiitinen/Tuomas Klaavo


Kaarle Aho/Thomas Balmès/Olivier Mille, Making Movies Oy & Margot Films


Prix Europa 2005, Berlin, Germany, Oct 2005

TV Current Affairs, Special Commendation


Film museum, Munhen, Germany, Dec 2005

Human rights film festival, Warsav, Poland, Dec 2005

International human rights film festival, Budapest, Hungary, dec 2005

IDFA, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Nov 2004

Film Forum, New York, USA, Jun-Jul 2005

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Göteborg Film Festival, Göteborg, Sweden, Jan-Feb 2005

1001 Docs, Istanbul, Turkey, March 2005

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HRFF, Bologne, Italy, March-Apr 2005

Visions Du Réel, Nyons, Switzerland, Apr 2005

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Britspotting, Berlin, Germany, Apr 2005

Freiburg Film Forum, Freiburg, Germany, May 2005

Cinema Media Ambient, Barcelona, Spain, Jun 2005

Amnesty International Film Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 2005

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Prix Europa, Berlin, Germany, Oct 2005

Dresden Human Rights Film Festival, Dresden, Germany, Nov 2005

Viennale, Vienna, Austria, Oct 2005

Tri Continental Film Festival, New Delhi, India, Jan 2006



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